6th March 2012

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Top 10 songs- The Pharrell edition

And here I thought my post about Kanye West was hard. I’m sitting here attempting to limit myself to my top 10 songs from Pharrell-“I call him Pha-Real cuz he the truth,” and it is not easy. My dude has been in the game forever.  You do know that he wrote a verse on “Rumpshaker” right? Oh, ok, just checking. Which, knowing the jazzy undertones of some of Pharrell’s songs, I can see why the classic saxophone in the song was used.  As a solo artist, his style is unmistakable. Even with the Neptune’s with Chad or N.E.R.D with Chad and Shay, this dude is a genius. I make no apologies for my love of certain artists and it’s hard for me to not be biased when I’m writing about various topics, but Pharrell Williams, sir you are mastermind. So with my intro out the way, I’m going to attempt to point out 10 songs that were produced/written/performed/featured by him and try not to bore you (as I vibe out to In My mind).

1.       Looking at me-Ma$e- Not the first choice you thought about right? I know. Let me tell you something, Harlem World, may show up on my favorite debut album post coming soon. That album was incredible and Looking at me was one of my favorite songs.  Listen to The Clipse first album and you’ll hear the similarities of this song.

2.       Bouncing Back-Mystikal- THAT CLARNIET AND HORN SECTION. Man, listen!!!!! As a comeback song for Mystikal, this was it! We all weren’t here for him after this song, but that song was New Orleans start to finish. Who doesn’t think about a parade and the saints marching in when they hear it? Listening to the woodwind section go crazy on this song, I lose it everytime. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Danger—welcome Nivea! *hasn’t done anything of substance since.

3.       I Still Love You-702-Can we talk about the bells used in this song for a minute? Maybe a cowbell? I’m not sure, but that beat was sick and 702 didn’t sound half bad on it (which is relatively speaking).

4.       Wait a Minute- Ray J feat Lil Kim- THE MONEY TEAM IS HERE!!!!! No, but seriously, that song was hot. Lil Kim slid on that record. Ray J, eh…(Kanye shrug) No one is here for Ray J as an artist, but he gets great production, warranted or not.

5.       I’m A Slave 4 U-Britney Spears- Typical Pharrell beat right? In my opinion I don’t think Britney has sound better. That beat and video to go along with it was sexy.

6.       Beautiful- Snoop Dogg- Do I have to elaborate? “and I just want you to know that you are truly special..” Do you remember that video? Those Brazilians? I think if anything the video helped this song become an instant classic. (also insert Drop it like it’s Hot—especially the remix with Jay).

7.       Diddy-Diddy-SHINY SUIT MAN….This has to be one of Diddy’s better songs. The beat on this was absolutely bananas-Chiquita style. The drums on this song.. D-I-D-D-Y IT’S DIDDY HOLD UP…THAT ISH CRAZY..

8.       Frontin- Pharrel feat Jay Z- “Don’t wanna be full of myself or rude, but you aint look at them other dudes, maybe bc you love me?” Jay came on that track and it became an instant classic, I’m sorry.  Neptune’s Presents…..The Clones..Great album. Not enough love shown to it, but it has some great songs on it. That Famlay freestyle..”Umm…yessir…” Busta on “Light ya Ass on Fire..

9.       Grindin-The Clipse- For a “coming out” song, this was it. That Virginia connection. I have no idea what got into him when he created this song, but the way Pusha T flowed on this beat. I can’t continue. Next song

10.   Senorita-Justin Timberlake- Hot song. Top to bottom. The drums on that song are sick, let alone the way Justin sings on this track. The horns during the chorus and bridge. It’s the little things that Pharrell slides in that makes him amazing. Like that sax right before the breakdown at the end (FYI:Chad played tenor sax in high school).

As you’re reading this, you are probably thinking, what happened to such and such song? I know you are. Here is the method behind my madness. Anyone who personally knows me knows I’m weird and listen to all kinds of music. To give you the obvious, I Know, Grimy, Change Clothes, Oh No,etc… would be too easy and you already know (YAK!) that’s Pharrell.  However, look at the songs I’ve posted. Pharrell has accomplished so much and in different genres that he continues to be THE sought after producer/ collaborator in the game. I tried to give you songs you might have forgotten about, songs you didn’t know he produced, songs that were classics when they debuted.  I think I accomplished that. Just wanted until my Timbaland post, you’ll really think I’ve lost it. I’ve leave you with this song to go look up. Blackstreet-Tonight’s the night.  Thank me later.


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